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@5X4HCZCLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

NO coal seam gas and No mining.. This rape and pillage of our country has got to stop.. The people doing it can not be trusted any more than the politicians giving permission to do the right thing

@9SKYFY3Reason answered…11mos

Yes, providing profits are directed towards funding renewable energy

@9Q2VSHXUnited Australia answered…1yr

Yes, as long as the projects are far away from residential areas and increase environmental restrictions and oversight.

@9JCW8HLReason answered…1yr

As long as the projects are far away from residential areas and environmental restrictions

@9YYBFDQScience answered…2mos

It should be faced out and replaced with environmental friendly alternatives

@9YK7K3FIndependent answered…2mos

Depending on where the CSG (Coal Seam Gas) projects happen.

@9XNTF4GLabor answered…3mos

Yes, but increase tax and environmental restrictions as well as providing incentives to invest in renewable energy

@9WGHCZRLiberal answered…5mos

Yes, but we should also encourage renewable energy resources

@9VZ2T3XArts Party answered…5mos

These projects can still go ahead but as long as they are far away from residential areas. Although they shouldn't continue trying to make these projects any bigger, they should focus on producing more renewable resources.

@9VR92CFLabor answered…6mos

CSG should only be allowed if the projects are nationalised and profits go to the government

@9VHWH9LLiberal answered…7mos

Yes with no risk to public health and environmental factors. And only as a temporary option while we explore renewable alternatives

@9VFPW9VArts Party answered…7mos

Yes but with oversight and aimed at the very short term and minimal finding

@9VC9MB3Liberal answered…7mos

Yes, with the condition that government are part owners or tax the companies engaged in CSG.

@9SQNFD9Centre Alliance answered…11mos

Yes, if coal miners and mine workers/ engineers are given replacement work of the same hours and pay as they were previous to ban.

@9SHWHBMScience answered…11mos

Yes, but research into future sustainable renewable energy should also be made

@9SHLQS4Science answered…11mos

Yes, but with heavy encouraging on renewable and with oversight and environmental considerations

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1yr

Is this not a task for mining companies to congregate and discuss? Why does the government have to have a say in literally everything?

@Sheryl-GotjePirate Party answered…1yr

No. Groundwater contamination is a definite problem and why should Farmers and their Neighbours who it may affect, not get a say in the Government using their land. That is very wrong!


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