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No, more research needs to be done to ensure there is no groundwater contamination

@4W3GBYBfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

NO coal seam gas and No mining.. This rape and pillage of our country has got to stop.. The people doing it can not be trusted any more than the politicians giving permission to do the right thing

@98HHPTW answered…4wks

Yes, but we should also provide more funding for renewable energy

@98BDS8X answered…2mos

@987BL56 answered…2mos

Yes but any individual dispute should favour a food producing land owner over a prospector

@96FYN3R answered…4mos

Yes, for a short amount of time. We must decide quickly on a safer alternative.

@96DQJ6C answered…4mos

yes until they find a more healthier way that works just as effeicently

@969K929 answered…4mos

I'll say yes because I personally know someone working in that industry, and when the actual restorative procedure is followed then the results are most of the time a better situation then what it was before but it's when these restorative procedure's are not followed is when I have an issue with it.

@93WL2N5 answered…6mos

i belive that they shouldnt ban these projects because we need coal for things to opperate, however austraia could reduce the coal mines due to the fact that they are ruining the local enviroment and we onyl have one planet.

@93TCPTK answered…7mos

We need the energy from these projects to build greener alternatives

@93455FB answered…8mos

Yes for the short term. More funding should be provided for long term renewable energy

@933XRMF answered…8mos

Yes, to maintain jobs and economy. However there should be planned shift over the course of 10-15yrs to reduce fossil fuel mining

@933LBHL answered…8mos

@92ZH2D8Pirate Party answered…9mos

As long as it’s not affecting water ways, underground water or farming

@92ZFX5H answered…9mos

yes, but there should be very few of them and we should be looking for more environmentally safe options

@92SSLNPOne Nation answered…9mos

Yes. And we need to make sure they are Australian owned. Destroying the coal industries will create more problems for people in there homes with unreliable energy.

@92SDGCH answered…9mos

@92SB75B answered…9mos

No, we should provide more funding for renewable energy instead, provided we are not jeopardising the latter by taking away option for limited use of GAS to do just that

@92K2LNL answered…9mos

No, but we should provide better infrastructure to support nuclear and renewable energy

@92JX89C answered…9mos

no because it could be bad to brethe in and for the trees and plants.

@924RQ6F answered…10mos

NO! Fracking is complete madness. I can't believe it's EVER been considered as viable!

@924P84WOne Nation answered…10mos

@922ZVDRIndependent answered…10mos

Yes, But we should provide no benefits or tax-cuts and let the free market do it's job.

@8ZC8LCVGreen answered…11mos

despite coal being an essential aspect of generating income for the Australian economy, we should start funding for my renewable energy instead in order to prevent further damage to the environment and thus help put a stop to climate change

@8XX9DCP answered…1yr

It should be faced out and replaced with environmental friendly alternatives


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