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@5YZ2RVWLaborfrom South Australia  answered…3wks

How can you (not) support something that you are not allowed to know all the details of?

@62K2HW5Greenfrom New South Wales  answered…3wks

How about a free trade agreement with other third world countries instead of continually feeding the monster in China. China pouring so much throw away trash into this country and Australia's are frittering their hard earned dollars on rubbish that turns into landfill. I want to see other countries from the third world given more opportunities to do trade with Australia.

@9PKM3J4Labor answered…3wks

We must slowly decrease our reliance on Chinese-Australian trade relations.

@9NCT75GAnimal Justice answered…3wks

Yes and no. Yes but only if China meds its currency manipulation. No because they need much better animal welfare regulations.

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…4wks

Y’all are so scared of the Chinese and you’re letting it be known.

@9H7546FReason answered…4wks

China runs its own agenda and has demonstrated that it does not respect our right to independent opinion, and its operations are not transparent. We should smile nicely and do what we can do reduce economic dependence


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