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@5XNBT8XLiberalfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

Well our multicultural society has created a 24/7 culture and now instead of having Sunday off the community has been given the expectation that everything is going to be open. Therefore we now need to review what a working week is. This is a downside of multiculturalism if the statues continues then Sat. penalty rates should apply to the whole weekend or more simple solution don't open on Sundays have a rest day

@9GZ5PWBDemocratic Labour answered…1yr

Yes. Make the weekends and public holidays one and a half times the regular wage

@9Y7Q4S6Labor answered…3mos

@9WDK2NVScience answered…4mos

No, as a day off should be incentivised on Sundays for Australians.

@9VGRXQ5Liberal answered…7mos

Only if the Sunday shift is not part of their regular shift work

@9V8CXGJLiberal answered…8mos

@9H75J92Reason answered…1yr

In principle no, so long as their minimum rate is raised to compensate

@9H7546FReason answered…1yr

In principle no, but Sunday work is more likely for low paid workers, so unless there is a concurrent increase in the minimum wage, yes

@9GBZD8WLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

Not for small businesses, they could barely be able to afford it.

@9FJGM3PReason answered…1yr

No, they should be paid time and a half, however the penalty rate should be a government expense to support small businesses.


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