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@62B5HJ3Laborfrom South Australia  answered…1mo

@9KG7G5CSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes, there should be an increase of female candidates, and there should be more diversity, but the most qualified person should get the position.

@9JC3B9HSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

It shouldnt matter what gender you are, it should be if you make a good candidate or not. The reason we have gender issues in our society is because people still care. If we ignore the gender part in anything, then the sexism in that activity is gone instantly.

@9LS426COne Nation answered…1mo

No, the right person should be chosen for the job. Regardless of sex, colour, etc.

@9KNVY3MLiberal answered…1mo

Diversity is important, but neither men nor women are statistics. Look at the qualifications and abilities of the individual.

@9QCJXTBSocialist Alliance answered…2wks

Diversity should be encouraged but the most qualified should still get the position

@9PZRV2SOne Nation answered…4wks

@9PWVZTYLabor answered…4wks

Yes, but we should not legislate it. It is really up to the parties themselves to do it, and the people to decide whether they approve of it. However, skill should also be prioritised.

@9PTLSB3Arts Party answered…4wks

If anyone wants to run they can! There should not have to be a certain amount of people of any race or gender.

@9PTL2LGSocialist Alliance answered…4wks

Diversity shouldn't be a quota. More opportunities for women and minorities should be encouraged.

@9PH8JJNSocialist Alliance answered…4wks

Yes, until the positive discrimination is unnecessary and diversity is reflected in government. Ideally, the most qualified candidate should be elected

@9PH5BKMGreen answered…4wks

Women should be given the opportunity to be selected as a candidate as there should be no discrimination of role, based on gender. However, the successful candidate should be qualified regardless of their gender

@9MX2N6LReason answered…1mo

@9MCQMKVGreen answered…1mo

Psychological testing of political party members to weed out people who exclude women

@9LRVRFLHealth Australia answered…1mo

It shouldn’t matter the gender as long as there fit for the job

@9LB3HKWAnimal Justice answered…1mo

Yes, provided that they are still qualified for the job and not just a pity vote

@9J6T2MPReason answered…1mo

gender quotas are stupid and a waste of time, just because someone has or doesn't have a vagina, is irrelevant to the job, it should be the right person for the job disregarding their gender, i couldnt care less if our politicians was all women all men or a mix, as long as theyre the right person for the job i say go for it, gender quotas is just a way for men hating feminists to stand up and push their nose where it doesnt belong, most of these people advocating gender quotas are one of two things, they are either radicalized feminists or they are men who think supporting this will get them

@9HDRM4RSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

The government should reflect the diversity of the community, but each party should be free to run the candidates that best fits their policies.

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1mo

If you’re gonna put in more women, then also put in more transgender and other genders as well as keeping males in. Too much of one is just inequality. Again.

@9DXT95PGreen answered…1mo

Yes, all local, state and federal governments should aim for half female, half male party with trans-gender and non-binary people counting towards whichever one they choose.

@9DD9GBLIndependent answered…1mo

yes without jeopardise quality and suitability of candidates

@9D9XWFNAnimal Justice answered…1mo

Doesn't matter, we only want people that can actually do things in a political party

@9D9V536Nationals answered…1mo

@9MXV6FMGreen answered…1mo

No. But there should be no bias when reviewing applicants - r.e gender - so the most capable applicant gets the job

@9H7546FReason answered…1mo

Yes, but only if best qualified, i.e. should not be discrimination by gender

@9GM9FRGNationals answered…1mo

No, a candidate should be chosen based on skill not because of a quota they have to meet


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