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@5V2RK59Liberal Democratfrom Victoria  answered…1mo

Voting is mandatory in this country so we don't have a right to vote, we have an obligation. And no one should be forced to do it.

@5TW9PD7Liberalfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

@5VB5M7NFamily Firstfrom Queensland  answered…1mo

raise voting age to 21. raise candidate age too, perhaps to 50.

@5WDXMPRGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1mo

Only if a psychiatrist determines they are in the right head space and isn't trying to get back at the world

@5V8S6JYFamily Firstfrom Victoria  answered…1mo

Only those who are not on welfare are allowed to vote. Also voting shouldn't be compulsary.

@5V37F4KGreenfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

It doesn't matter, voting is a miniscule power and many people who vote are criminals who haven’t been caught.

@9F52DR5Liberal answered…1mo

depends on the crimes they have committed, sexual assault, murder etc should not have the right to vote-

@9QL26HCOne Nation answered…6 days

Yes, but only after successfully completing a proper character test and thorough back ground checks. Any links to foul play of any sort be grounds enough to have voting privileges denied. Any sexual natured criminals be denied voting rights for life.

@9Q85QB3Liberal answered…3wks

Only if they’re crime isn’t severe or boast-possible/likely and they aren’t mentally disabled or repeat offenders.

@9PXS5G2Nick Xenophon Team answered…4wks

Yes, but only if they have completed their sentences and have not been convicted of murder or violent crimes

@9NDKCPNHealth Australia answered…1mo

Yes, if they have completed their sentences but no if they are convicted for murder or serious violent crimes.

@9N6P94GDemocratic Labour answered…1mo

Yes, after 75% of their incarceration is completed they should begin to reintegrate into society

@9MXHQQ2Arts Party answered…1mo

Yes, except for felons convicted of heinous crimes or repeat offenders.

@9LRWS5LSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes, if they pay taxes and have completed their sentence and parole/ probation.

@9KTMN8LOne Nation answered…1mo

only after showing no signs of doing similar or more crimes after 1-2 years

@9KLQJFMScience answered…1mo

Only after they have served their sentence and also depending on the crime

@9KB9JS3Democratic Labour answered…1mo

If they are fit and deemed responsible to vote, then they should be able to vote, given also that they are aware of the different parties and their policies.

@9JRSZ88Green answered…1mo

Yes, but not while in jail. While in jail rights should be forfeited.


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