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@62ZQ9TXLiberalfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

All guns can be 3d printed so all laws will eventually be useless

@62D7SYRGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1mo

The biggest killer of citizens with weapons are governments. Guns have a place however I question the need for rapid fire weapons... I am a sporting shooter!

@62RYDRGLaborfrom Western Australia  answered…1mo

@5V7VPRFLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

@62B4YZ8Liberalfrom South Australia  answered…1mo

@9NFKY6VConservatives answered…1mo

Different categories of firearm licences are available such as handgun, comp etc

@9HRKWQXSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes and No. The gun is no stronger than the current guns currently in Australia but having any of these guns will risk a mass shooting.

@9F2T69MLabor answered…1mo

No, but restrict ownership of it to highly responsible and law-abiding citizens.

@9DD9GBLIndependent answered…1mo

No. increase mental health and community support so people don't want to carry out mass shootings

@9D9XZSNArts Party answered…1mo

@9D8H2X6Nick Xenophon Team answered…1mo

No, but you can only own a gun if you have a gun license and it's for hunting or security

@9QNR8RDGreen answered…1 day

Yes, unless they are used by people with gun licences, (i.e, farmers removing pests or police)

@9QJQ3CSDemocratic Labour answered…1wk

no, but make sure buyers go through secure background checks and have not been convicted of previous public violence crimes.

@9QDGFYMConservatives answered…2wks

before giving out the gun, do thorough checks of the person's background, and thoroughly check if they have any mental illnesses, and it shouldn't be in public places at any time.

I reckon that people should undergo police checks and mental health checks to acquire a firearm licence, but once they have a licence we should be able to buy whatever firearm we want. There should also be an increase in education on firearm safety in schools to help lower the risk of gun crime.

@9PZ75DLReason answered…4wks

you should be able to get a license for the gun but it would be very hard to obtain and possibly take a year

@9PWVZTYLabor answered…4wks

No, but still maintain tough gun laws so that people who are trained and have licenses can only buy these guns.

@9PM5B8GArts Party answered…4wks

No, however restictions on purpse and supply should be implemented.

@9ND7K3PAnimal Justice answered…1mo

@9NCT75GAnimal Justice answered…1mo

No, however those in the defence/police force and farmers should have regular training, background and mental health checks to ensure they are still using it correctly from the day they get their license.

@9N5T65WLiberal Democrat answered…1mo

No just better manage who is purchasing it and where it is being stored

@9L3HQVPCentre Alliance answered…1mo

yes, but those who own it must have a very good background and the guns should be made unmodifiable

@9JVSBJGCountry Liberal answered…1mo

It should only be given to people who have a license to own one.

@9JDD7JYSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

No, but only the unmodified version of the gun should be legal

@9JCWDXRAnimal Justice answered…1mo

On the one hand military and police forces require protection and guns can be used as a threat and a way to keep people in line, but on the other hand illegally buying or stealing guns can lead to mass shootings and criminal activity.


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