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@5VF9F6QLiberal Democratfrom Tasmania  answered…3wks

Only when particular women are as good as men (which is extremely seldom).

@5VDBCX7Liberalfrom New South Wales  answered…3wks

Israel has show this not only endangers the mission but also the safety of the Operators, Women should be allowed in Military for Supporting Roles and Covert Operations.

Use a Women's strengths don't pretend she is a man.. they have better logistics and management skills but that doesn't blend into Active Duty Squad Management in a FireFight.

@9GYZ6WBOne Nation answered…4wks

Providing they pass the physical and mental requirements and standards aren’t dropped for them

@9DVK7PCSocialist Alliance answered…4wks

yes, as long as they are mentally and physically fit to do so and there are sexual assault preventions in place.

@9DGNVVYGreen answered…4wks

Women should be allowed to serve in combat roles but having the Australian military is a waste of taxpayer money and we should instead use some of the military funding to fund effective and dedicated humanitarian aid or education

@9QBNRLLOne Nation answered…1wk

Ok for female medics, nurses and other humanitarian workers within the defence force

@9LNCTQCScience answered…4wks

Yes, Anyone who is willing and capable with sound mind and body should be able to defend the country if necessary.