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@6B3PBRYFamily Firstfrom Victoria  answered…1mo

@62H4VKNGreenfrom South Australia  answered…1mo

a separate 'army' should be created that does not focus on defence or military at all but on emergency service and relief for natural disasters and ecological and social assistance learning and using skills for building, repairing, planting, medical aid and even just plain old sandbagging. all can become trained volunteer fire fighters and assist in any and all emergency situations around the country and perhaps even overseas boosting out emergency services where ever needed. these skills are non violent and transferable when service is complete. similar to the peace corps but australian based. exemptions for those doing further study or with sole care of children.

@624ZYQLNationalsfrom Victoria  answered…1mo

No, we have a professional Military, not a babysitting service.

@9L43HFCLiberal answered…1mo

Yes, although participants should be able to choose what national service they perform, military or some other form of service.

@9JT7YJPNationals answered…1mo

@9DB8P3ROne Nation answered…1mo

i think that that will be holding them against there will so no

@9QNS8VSGreen answered…24hrs

No, but they should be required to provide national service somewhere.

@9QLFYV6Reason answered…5 days

No, the military should not be compulsory and should be reduced in size

@9QKM967Arts Party answered…7 days

one year of Fire Service training as it is more crucial to Australia's survival that we fight the fires with a wealth of man power

@9QDC52SReason answered…2wks

Military service should be required however, there must be a choice on whether they get sent into an area of conflict or not.

@9Q85NVBArts Party answered…3wks

Only if they have a criminal record or have no education or no more education

@9MXL5TJScience answered…1mo

A life skills / employment program or basic military service

@9MN4CZPDemocratic Labour answered…1mo

No but I do believe that there should be incentives given to those who do. More education on the different areas in which you can serve other than combat

@9MC2CZQSocialist Alliance answered…1mo

Yes, but only if they have been in trouble with the law and/or are not pursuing higher education or employment; their service should also be aimed toward education and skill development.

@Sheryl-GotjePirate Party answered…1mo

Yes, if they are always in trouble with the law and police and they dont wish to remain at high school, Tafe, University or they have a part-time/full time job. They must have a thorough mental assessment. They then should be required to complete their education through the armed forces or social services.

@9LBZCWZNationals answered…1mo

between the ages of 18-30 they must provide at least a year in the army

@9JG3X4DPirate Party answered…1mo

Yes, in their own units separate from the volunteers. But not just Military give the people options to do "National service" such as in services such as the ADF, Paramedics, Fire Fighters or even community service with cleaning graffiti or picking up rubbish.

@9FY3TP2Liberal answered…1mo

No, this will destroy defence capability by filling it with young immature people