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@9LS426COne Nation answered…4wks

No, the right person should always be hired for the job. Regardless of sex, colour etc.

@9K378P2Green answered…4wks

No, but government entities should have an executive workforce that is representative of the general population.

@9J6HYMJDemocratic Labour answered…4wks

No, the government and businesses should encourage and strive for diversity, but not enforce it

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…4wks

As I said about putting women in parliament, if you’re gonna throw in more women, you best be throwing in transgenders and other genders too.

@9PT8VF6Socialist Alliance answered…3wks

put the best people on, whether they are man women or non binary

@9MXX9W9Pirate Party answered…4wks

I’m a mixture of yes but also only if they genuinely have the right qualifications and experience, people shouldn’t be given jobs just to make the company look “diverse enough”

@9MXR5VXAnimal Justice answered…4wks

As long as they’re good workers I believe anyone should be in the position

@9GM9FRGNationals answered…4wks

no business should choose their employees based on a quoter