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@5VNMJRVLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…1mo

Refugees should be accepted however there should be rules in place to ensure they are relocated to less populated cities such as Adelaide and Darwin. They should be used to add booms to less densly populated cities and encourage industries to create jobs in these cities.

@5V64PHVLiberal Democratfrom Queensland  answered…1mo

Australia's democracy and way of life is under threat if white people don't have more children. White women live in an age of hedonism... showing off their bodies and youth... while other countries are having babies and threatening our pluralistic democracy. White women have to produce more children and bring them up in the cultures and ways of the west ie: church, science, democracy and western freedom values... other cultures have not assimilated these ideas into their culture but they will take us over if we are not careful...

@9N5KJJ3Reason answered…1mo

We should help those in need but not at the risk of our country

@9HL5RQXPirate Party answered…1mo

Within reason - we should embrace a multicultural society and accept their safety as the priority. However it should not sap resources and support for Australians, whose safety should also be a top priority.

@9G2YX66One Nation answered…1mo

Yes, but only accept families (no single Muslim men) in addition only after extensive background checks and continuous monitoring to ensure they have no terrorist connections.

@9FWC4P8Liberal answered…1mo

Refugees should seem asylum from the closest possible safe government.

@9DXYL78Liberal answered…1mo

Only those who are educated/skilled and can add to our country

@9DJXCDSNick Xenophon Team answered…1mo

Yes, refugees should be accepted into Australia after being checked for typically hostile or dangerous equipment that may or may not be present.

@9DHFBH4Liberal Democrat answered…1mo

Yes, but only legal immigrants or political/conflict refugees in uncannily dire circumstances.

@9DGVNM5Liberal answered…1mo

Only after background checks and families should have first pick but we should be supporting the poor and the Australian disadvantage children first

@9DDJ9RYNationals answered…1mo

So long as the refugees are willing and are actively trying to assimilate to the new culture that they are coming to in Australia.

@9QF3ZT5Nick Xenophon Team answered…2wks

we should just be careful not judge everyone unfairly because of some bad people a lot of people just want a normal life

@9PLXSHFLabor answered…4wks

Yes but after background checks and ensuring they are cause of working etc

@9NF8RYSScience answered…1mo

Yes, if they have had a security check and if the amount allowed is regulated

@9N5LGYCNationals answered…1mo

Yes, only accept families (no single muslim men) and families must serve a mandatory minimum of 1 year in rural Australia.

@9MN4CZPDemocratic Labour answered…1mo

We should take all the refugees we can, give them job opportunities in agriculture and help make the middle of Australia more liveable with cisterns and flowing water much like the Middle East has done in their desert. so that we can house more people.

@9MMB6YJLabor answered…1mo

No - we should look after our veterans and retired pensioners

@9MLLX9RReason answered…1mo

The focus should be on how to improve Syria, so people dont have to flee their own country

@9LTGYTGNationals answered…1mo

Only if they are deemed upstanding and appropriate citizens.

@9LS8X6YGreen answered…1mo

Yes but they have to complete a certain amount of community service hours

@9L9CKDVNationals answered…1mo

Yes, but only after extensive background checks and monitoring and on the condition that they and there family are deported for any criminal offence they are charged with.

@9L4X7L2Health Australia answered…1mo

Yes but limit numbers and put them through similar checks of skills and qualifications of someone who migrates here from other countries by choice and goes through the Australian migration process for example the skilled migrant visa.

@9JRSZ88Green answered…1mo

We should accept all who apply after extensive background checks


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